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    Who are the members of the WOMA? We are media/industry women & men focused on increasing media attention for women in the outdoors, especially women in the fields of …

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Cow elk on the move!

WOMA Chair, Marsha Petrie Sue, spotted this Cow Elk Herd in the White Mountains of the Arizona White Mountains. This was about 2/3’s of the group.  Alpine Arizona is called Elk Country and there are plenty of animals to prove why.  Get outside and enjoy what Mother Nature provides. Wonderful way to[…]

Feed Your Gun Good Ammo with Athena Lee

The quality of your ammo can make or break you in the field or in a competition. During the 2016 She Never Quit Summit, National and World Champion Athena Lee was one of our instructors and she took a few minutes to share some of her tips on what to look for in finding ammunition.

Ammo Will Make Or Break You with Lena Miculek

In competition, hunting and self defense, the quality of ammunition you use can make a big difference. At the 2016 She Never Quit Summit National and World Champion 3-Gun Shooter and instructor Lena Miculek tells us what she looks for in shotgun shells.

Latest Articles

12 Questions to Ask When Vetting an Outfitter – by Kathleen O’Neil

Now that the ornaments have been stashed and the last of the champagne consumed, those fortunate to find a guided hunt under the tree are turning their sights to the run of sport shows and events that take place from January to May in search of the perfect outfitter. Sport shows like[…]

A Different Kind of LACE! – Ladies Adventure Camp Experience, Just Launched

In 2004, when Deb Ferns and Kay Miculek started “Babes with Bullets…Women’s Action Shooting Camps”, there was literally no other shooting academy in the world that existed to cater specifically to women, where the instructors were all female national and world champions.  With the help of Smith & Wesson (who has been[…]

Julie Werhnyak on How Her Plan Saved Her After a Brutal Attack – Part 2

PART II: On March 3, 2015, a 911 call suddenly became a life and death encounter when a Domestic Violence suspect ambushed me in the dark and stabbed me in the neck with a large hunting knife! The 26 year old suspect was shot and killed and other responding units rescued his[…]