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    Who are the members of the WOMA? We are media/industry women & men focused on increasing media attention for women in the outdoors, especially women in the fields of …

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Feed Your Gun Good Ammo with Athena Lee

The quality of your ammo can make or break you in the field or in a competition. During the 2016 She Never Quit Summit, National and World Champion Athena Lee was one of our instructors and she took a few minutes to share some of her tips on what to look for in finding ammunition.

Ammo Will Make Or Break You with Lena Miculek

In competition, hunting and self defense, the quality of ammunition you use can make a big difference. At the 2016 She Never Quit Summit National and World Champion 3-Gun Shooter and instructor Lena Miculek tells us what she looks for in shotgun shells.

Setting Up Hunting Shots with a Bolt Action Rifle

How many times have you been stalking that white tail and thought you had a dead-on shot just to watch your next meal go running off into the bush? At the 2016 She Never Quit Summit Olympic Triathlete and instructor Lanny Barnes, WOMA Chair Marsha Petrie Sue, and Babes with Bullets and WOMA Founder Deb Ferns shows us how to set up a hunting shot in the field.

Latest Articles

A Snapshot of SNQ, with Mace – by Lenee Landis

This was a magical experience that I believe will bring She Never Quit into an ongoing effort for the WOMA, beyond the genesis of the once a year event. It is a cousin of the military ethos to “leave no man behind”. As Deb Ferns, founder of the WOMA stated “Our goal[…]

One and Done: How to simplify mule deer hunting – By Marsha Petrie Sue

Having never hunted mule deer, I wanted to make sure all bases were covered prior to the harvest.  Our freezer is nearly empty and we try to ingest only organic hoof to table food, which makes hunting important for the Sue family. The job was cut out for me. My motto for[…]

My First Hunt – by Kath O’Neil

We had already been hiking a couple of hours in the hot sun thru dense clusters of thorny shrubs and tall grass when Kudu, our guide, spotted a small heard of blue wildebeest.  Gesturing to Deb Ferns (WOMA Founder and Board Member) and I to follow him, he whispered, “Wildebeest big animal. […]