Podcast: Never judge a literary agent by his Carhartts!

Tune in to hear the debut podcast for The WOMA by members Paige Eissinger and Barb Baird when they talk to Bill Bowers, of Bowers Editorial Services. Bill details well-reasoned, commonsense tips for prospective authors who might be seeking the services of a literary agent. Also, find out why you should “never judge a literary agent by his Carhartts!”

Bill Bowers is (among other things) literary agent for WOMA member Julie Golob, whose first shooting book will be published in fall 2011. Submitted photo.


  1. As am I, Julie! Bill’s depth of editing covers so many fields: shooting, hunting, medical textbooks, travel books, ancient weaponry! The list astounds me. I think you’re both lucky to be working together … a great partnership, and I look forward to buying one of your first signed copies of your first (in a series, I hope?) of books.

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