Jacqueline Janes joins the WOMA

Jacqueline Janes is a relatively new shooter, taking up the sport in March of 2009 after attending the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Outdoor Expo. While initially shy about shooting rifles and pistols, she has since devoted herself to learning about, and participating in, a wide variety of shooting sports. She is also actively interested in the shooting industry and is a passionate advocate of the Second Amendment.

Jacqueline writes first-hand accounts of her shooting adventures, as well as what it’s like to be a new and female shooter on her blog at She also reviews firearms and shooting accessories, and showcases gun training classes like Babes with Bullets and charitable organizations like HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield).

Jacqueline is currently a member of several shooting and Second Amendment organizations including NRA, Steel Challenge Shooting Association and USPSA, where she currently holds a D classification in the production division.

While finding herself empowered through her efforts to master the shooting arts, she has also learned how much the shooting sports can relieve the stresses of everyday life. Follow her as she ventures through the wonder that is the shooting world.

If it goes bang, Jacqueline wants to shoot it, and then tell you all about it.

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