Dawn Obrecht – WOMA Member

Dr. Dawn Obrecht grew up in the city of Baltimore, Md. where walking to school and climbing the tree in her back yard were her primary outdoor activities. After moving to Colorado to do her residency in Emergency Medicine, she was able to expand outdoor sports to swimming, cycling, running and climbing fourteeners (Colorado’s 54 mountain peaks over 14,000 ft. high). When she married Erik Landvik and informed him that she does not do spectator sports, he happily invited her to join him hunting deer, elk, antelope, and other wild game. More recently, she has begun competitive pistol shooting.

Dr. Obrecht, more often called Dr. Dawn, Mom or Oma (grandmother of four, so far), encourages and coaches women in outdoor sports, including hunting and other shooting sports. To this end, she has written a book, From Field and Forest, A Former Vegetarian’s Incomplete Guide to Hunting, Harvesting and Harmony, and is looking for a publisher. Hunting anecdotes, practical tips and recipes make this short book fun and informative.

Her first book, Mission Possible, A Missionary Doctor’s Journey of Healing, is available on Amazon or through her website, The website also features numerous articles on addiction recovery originally published in the newspaper column she wrote until 2010 and will soon include some of her creative wild game recipes.


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