June Fish Babe of the Month – Marsha Petrie Sue

In addition to being our WOMA president, Marsha is quite the fisherman, uh woman, well you know what we mean!

Marsha’s love for fishing began as a young girl. Whether salt or fresh water, give her a pole and she is good to go! Alpine, Arizona is her summer get away with her husband Al for many reasons – but mostly for the fishing. At 8,200′ elevation, the mornings are cool — actually cold — but the weather never keeps Marsha from the fish! Numb fingers didn’t keep her from catching her trout limit with Al within an hour! So she continues to bring home the bacon, correction … fish!


  1. Marsha is a wonderful woman and a wonderful ambassador for the WOMA. I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to meet her at SHOT. Keep on fishing and representing women in the outdoors!

  2. Amen to Amy’s comment. And I’m very JEALOUS of the fresh fish that Marsha & Al are probably enjoying each day. I need to do more fishing and less work!

  3. Marsha, you are the Fish Babe!! I swear I just saw a fish jump up behind you out of that beautiful blue water…I don’t think you’re done yet….keep fishing!

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