Shooting A Ma Deuce and Helping A Vet

Shooting a Ma Deuce? Helping wounded vets at the same event? Yep, I can tell you this definitely qualifies in terms of my definition of An Excellent Day. In mid-June, the Gun Club of America (GCA) for which I edit the Hot Brass magazine, is holding an event at the Stillwater Firearms Range in Fallon, NV. In previous years, it has been called the Bash. This year, it is GunStock.

Rhino, by Chiappa Firearms

Manufacturers are bringing or sending guns so members will get the opportunity to shoot firearms some have never seen. For example, Ohio Ordnance Works (OOW) is bringing an M2 .50 “the Ma Deuce”, a Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun designed at the end of WWI; an M240 Machine Gun; an M240-SLR (OOW’s “unique, re-engineered, belt-fed, semi-automatic version of the M240 machine gun”; a BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle; and a VZ 2000, a Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle.

Chiappa Firearms will arrive with an 1886 lever action rifle, 1889 lever action shotgun, the Chiappa 1911/22, M9/22, and M1-22. When I think of Chiappa, I think of the Rhino revolver. If you haven’t had the chance to shoot it, find the chance. For concealed carry, this firearm is an amazing find. The cylinder is flat, the alloy used makes it light, and the barrel aligns with the bottom chamber, hence it is on target, with very little recoil, and is a pleasure to fire time and again. They are also donating three .22LR M1 carbines (22 version of the M1 carbine), and a Rhino revolver for raffle.

Then, Nemesis Arms is bringing their custom backpack sniper rifle, the Vanquish. You may have seen it in the motion picture, The Bourne Legacy. This rifle packs down in under a minute from 39” to 20”, and only weighs 12 pounds. Marine Scout Snipers tested it, getting 3” groups at 600 yards. My groups were not that good, but they were all on target, and it was a pleasure to shoot. Their custom muzzle brake brings felt recoil down to what you’d have with a .223.

There will be seminars at the Fallon Convention Center as well, plus some special bookend classes before and after by the likes of Babes with Bullets instructor Lisa Munson, Western 3 Gun’s Lefty Longridge, Gene Shuey of Shuey Custom, to name a few. I can personally vouch for the quality of these instructors and am impressed with their willingness to share their world class skills.

The Pathway Home

And I saved the best part for last: part of the ticket sales and all proceeds from donated firearms and other items which will be raffled or auctioned will 100% benefit The Pathway Home, a residential treatment center for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury and post traumatic stress. As I open the latest donation, two Front Sight four day defensive handgun certificates worth $2,000 each, from Fred Zeglin at 4D-Reamers, I am grateful that this industry has a soft side. Anyone who wishes to donate or wants more information is welcome to e-mail me at




  1. Lenee – this is so cool and I’m so jealous that I won’t get the chance to shoot the “Ma Duece”…next time I’ll be at Gunstock instead of doing a program somewhere else!!

  2. Deb-you know we would love to see you! Wherever you will be, I know people will be smiling!

    The women signed up for GunStock’s Babes with Bullets event this year will have Lisa Munson, and I know they will come away with a profound new self-confidence in their gun handling abilities.

    I also want to thank you and Babes with Bullets for your generosity in supporting this event by donating to raise money for The Pathway Home…what a great shooter’s package for women!! Where’s the line to buy raffle tickets??? I need to get over there with Benjamin Franklin!!

  3. We’ll miss you this year Deb! I am getting really excited, and so glad we get to help this great cause again! One of my brothers is in Afganastan right now, so this is a cause near and dear to me.

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