Better Fishing Through Improved Listening?

I’ve never met a fishing pole I didn’t like. So, yet again, Al and I had the opportunity to fish together in the Gulf of Mexico, off Marco Island.  Our good friend, Sandy Allen, fished with us, and yes, I did catch the biggest fish. Sandy came in second.

‘The girls’ listened to our guide Randy, and learned how to cast and place the hook properly off the shallow bottom of this unique terrain.

Marsha Petrie Sue Fishing

Al did catch the biggest Sting Ray, weighing in (we are guessing because the line snapped) at 100 pounds and was similar to pulling up and dragging a garage door with 30 pound test line.

Moral of the story? Listen!  And I mean really listen by turning off all your self talk, judgement, background and anything else that is getting in the way! You can’t hear anything if you are distracted or focused on something else.  Yes, I know.  It is difficult but doable.

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