Autumn Accessory to Appreciate

Think leather accessories for fall!


I thought I’d tell you about a great range bag we sell here at Brownells. Our Leather, Signature Series Range Bag works well for a whole lot of things, besides hauling your handgun(s) and gear–its uses are as unlimited as your imagination.

I have a heavy load of basic gunsmithing tools in one; it travels to the SHOT Show and NRA Show and gets used a couple of times at each show when another exhibitor comes over, panicked, searching for a screwdriver or punches to take a gun apart.

Durable construction, holds what you need

There’s a soft, furry, padded pistol pouch in each side that could protect a camera lens or other delicate parts…

I’ve also been told it makes a great purse or small carry-on bag if you move the dividers to the side.

Another nice feature:  the bag has a hard bottom and so it holds its shape.  You can really load it down, if, you know, you actually use it to take guns and ammo to the range.

Perfect fit!

It’s 16” long, although our specs say 7-1/2 inches wide it “stretches” to more like 9” wide. The outside is 4 oz. suede leather, the zippers are YKK with brass pulls and it comes with a shoulder strap to help distribute the weight.

Stock Number 100-001-150, retail price is $169.99

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  1. Thanks Larry for a good product review and FYI -I have one of these range bags and it works GREAT for protecting our Sony HD cameras that we use out at the range.

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