Heartbeat of the WOMA January 2013

The political wrangling that has been going on relating to the tragedy that took place in Newtown, CT, is for me both depressing and terrifying.  Just last week I read through Senator Feinstein’s newest anti-gun proclamations and if I were to relate her antics to one picture word it would be “rabid”.  According to Webster’s that word is described in part as “zealous; fanatical; violent; raging” though there are other descriptions noted relating to this fatal disease.


About the same time I had the mental picture of a frothing dog who’s behavior is out of control, this article below came across my email from a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.  Some of you may know that I’m a member of OWAA and that last September I traveled to Alaska for its annual convention.  While I knew Paul was an active OWAA member I didn’t realize he was also a clinical psychologist.  That he moves forward in the article below with logical points relating to clinical data is what I found interesting.  With Paul’s permission we are sharing his article…


Paul Quinnett
January 8th, 2013


 As some of you in OWAA know, I am also a clinical psychologist.  What most of you don’t know is that I am also a suicide prevention expert and lead one of America’s most productive suicide prevention education organizations (  In a nutshell, we train and certify instructors to teach citizens and professionals how to prevent suicide, have more than 5,000 trainers in the US and other countries and train roughly 25,000 per month in how to prevent suicide. 

 Why this email?

 The post Sandy Hook national conversation is devolving into a mind-numbing gun control waste of time debate.  Yes, controlling access to firearms by disturbed people will save lives, and we are working with public health experts at both Dartmouth and Harvard, and friends in the firearms industry, to reduce such access – and with some success so far.

 What we don’t need is more unenlightened discussion about melting down all the guns.

 The shooter in Newtown was suicidal first, homicidal second.  This is true of most mass murderers and about 30% of domestic violence related murder-suicides.

 To keep the debate from veering off into the size of AR-15 magazines and pumping vast sums of money into broad mental health reform, what we need is a targeted, proven, and effective way to address firearms access by persons suffering from suicidal self-directed violence, a few of whom are also homicidal.

 If you follow this link ( you will find my post on this matter.  Citation of facts can be provided, but most appear in the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, 2012.

 If you agree with the thrust of the paper, feel free to share it in any way you like, including submitting to your local paper, posting on your blog or web site.  Do whatever you wish with it.

 For your local newspaper, just say, “exclusive for your distribution area” from Dr. Paul Quinnett.  I will confirm with those choosing to publish.

 Bottom line:  America needs to know there is a way forward besides uninformed gun control or just spending more money on non-targeted mental health services.

 We at the institute feel that if the NSSP 2012 were fully enacted, many thousands of American lives could be saved, and including the lives of innocent children.  You can help fire up the conversation.


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