Off to a Great Start! 2nd Weekend of Olympic Biathlon Racing

photo 4            The second weekend of racing took Lanny to Beitostolen, Norway where she once again posted some great results. The first race was a 15 kilometer individual race where shooting is the key with a minute added on to your overall time for each missed target at the shooting range and four total bouts of shooting. Lanny skied well and shot great, but ended up with 2 penalties out of 20. Despite the missed targets she ended up placing 18th out of 100 competitors and not far out of the running for a medal. The next day was a much shorter race known as the sprint. This race only has 2 shooting stages, one prone and one standing. The previous weekend lanny placed 13th with clean shooting, this weekend she had one penalty and placed 16th. The best part about this result was that even with a 16th place, she was much closer in time to the top 3. Lanny’s inching her way up towards the top! This week she’ll be in Hochfilzen, Austria for the World Cup. Her first race, which is a sprint race, is on Friday. On Saturday there’s a pursuit race and on Sunday a team relay.

            Tracy only had one race this past weekend and in the 15 kilometer individual she posted the fastest ski time of the day. She ended up with one bad shooting stage that put her out of the medals in 4th place. Despite her shooting she was psyched with her skiing and glad to have posted such a fast time. Tracy will take the week off racing to prepare for U.S. Nationals in Minnesota, after which she’ll head to Italy to join up with Lanny.

Thank you to our wonderful Sponsors and supporters as a well as our family and friends for all your help in our quest to bring home the gold! 


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