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CrossBreed® Holsters Purse Defender is functional and practical for a daily purse, briefcase, backpack or alternate carry bag. The Purse Defender is part of the CrossBreed Holsters Modular Series and therefore makes it one of the most versatile holster systems on the market. The Purse Defender is comprised of two pieces: an L-shaped Kydex® panel, lined with Velcro® brand fastener (Assembly) and a CrossBreed handcrafted modular holster. It is available in left or right hand and for a wide variety of small to medium sized handguns.

Purse Defender
Purse Defender

Purse Defender Assembly is available in two sizes:
Standard Product Size: 6.00″ x 3.00″ x 9.00″
Product Weight: 4.6 ounces
Small Product Size: 4.75″ x 2.25″ x 7.25″
Product Weight: 2.7 ounces

For the purpose of this review, I carried the standard sized Purse Defender for five months. My handgun is a subcompact that carries 15 rounds in the magazine and it has a little weight. The L-shaped Kydex assembly is well built and provides a sturdy foundation for the holster.

The best benefit of the Purse Defender is the fact that you don’t have to fish for your firearm at the bottom of your purse or carry bag. It fits securely in your purse or other bag, and keeps the gun and purse stabilized. Also, you choose which bag you want to carry and are not stuck with a specific carry purse or bag.The Purse Defender can remain vertically stable depending on the bottom width of your carry item, or can be held upright by other items in the purse or briefcase.

Purse Defender Handcrafted Modular Holster
Purse Defender Handcrafted Modular Holster
Purse Defender Assembly Only is an L-shaped Kydex® panel, lined with Velcro® brand fastener
Purse Defender Assembly Only is an L-shaped Kydex® panel, lined with Velcro® brand fastener

I utilized the Purse Defender in a purse and canvas briefcase. The assembly easily drops into a carry bag or purse and you are able to cant the holster specifically to how you draw from your holster.

In addition, I carried the holster as a stand-alone inside a tactical backpack that had the complementary side of Velcro hook and loop. Some of the tactical backpacks have existing hook or loop attachments inside a sleeve or pocket. If not, CrossBreed Holsters sells Velcro fasteners to be attached to the modular holster or adjacent surfaces – however the hook and loop are able to fasten. Accordingly, the holster may be preferably canted inside the tactical backpack as the fastener area allows. The ability to cant the holster at certain angles makes drawing the firearm suited to your individual carry needs.

Remember to dry fire with an unloaded firearm to practice your holster presentation safely, and follow all the firearms safety rules.

The assembly held up during the Arizona summer heat (100+ degrees F) with a little bit of bend on an upper corner. This was most likely caused by the shape of my carry purse while remaining in my vehicle or the fact that I also placed the Purse Defender in the center console of my pickup truck. Other than that, the L-shaped Kydex assembly kept its shape well.

Tactical Backpack with handcrafted modular holster only
Tactical Backpack with handcrafted modular holster only

The versatility that CrossBreed Holsters allows the consumer is endless as the Purse Defender can be interchanged within some of its modular systems. Since the holster line is handcrafted, vertical integration within CrossBreed’s systems is infinite. I had discussed many aspects of the Purse Defender with women and men of various occupations, from purse to tactical backpack, and it’s a terrific firearm carry tool for both genders. The Purse Defender comes complete with CrossBreed’s “Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee” and Life Time Warranty.


Purse Defender is a product brand of CrossBreed® Holsters,
VELCRO® is a registered trademark of VelcroIndustries B. V.
KYDEX® Sheet is a registered trademark of KYDEX, LLC.


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