Ten Years of Paying it Forward…

The fruits of Deb Ferns “labor of love” for shooting sports and our Second Amendment Rights will stay ripe for many more years. Ten years ago she founded Babes with Bullets and her goal was to provide a series of camps across the US for women who have little (or zero) handgun experience and empower them to become proficient with a firearm. Deb’s vision was to provide training by women, for women, with an all-female staff composed of national and world shooting sports champions. Co-founder Kay Miculek, along with Lisa Munson who was Deb’s mentor beginning in November of 2003, have built an amazing program.

Outdoor Channel Awards 009In addition to helping these women take personal responsibility for their safety, Deb and her instructors help campers reach a new level of comfort with firearms and have fun along the way! She has paid this mission forward to nearly 4,000 women since 2004 and many of her campers go on to build firearms programs in their communities.

The recent Babes with Bullets camp in Montana was a 10th anniversary celebration where Deb’s selflessness shined through to transform lives,  including mine. Congratulations Deb for changing so many lives by pledging ten years ago to “pay it forward.” Your laser focus has paid off! Scan28092014_00000









Thank you Deb!


  1. Marsha, thank you so much for your kind words! Without the instructors, the campers and Smith & Wesson, who has been the Foundation sponsor since 2004, there would be no camps so I’m honored to be part of it!

  2. Very proud of my lovely mom and all the ladies who have completed BwB camps. So many of them walk away with self-esteem and confidence they never knew they had! Cheers to ten more years!

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