Shotgun Extravaganza at Industry Day 2015

Browning_w_Robbie_PurserIndustry Day at the Range is always the highlight of Shot Show for me.  This year was no different.  One of my favorite parts is going to check out what’s new in the world of shotguns.  This year did not disappoint.   I shot a 28 gauge Browning and actually hit some clays with it.  I shot a camo covered 12 gauge semi-auto Beretta and loved it and at the Benelli tent I found a gorgeous 12 gauge over/under.Cindy_28gauge_Browning

My friend and fell0w WOMA member, Charles Bond stopped by the shotgun ranges with me and we began at the Browning tent.  Robbie Purser showed us the new 28 gauge over/under and asked us if we wanted to try it out.  Of course we said YES!  I didn’t hold much hope for hitting anything as my philosophy has always been ‘more pellets = a better chance’.  A while later, Robbie had a very surprised shooter!  The gun was beautiful and handled very well.  The recoil was minimal and easy to point and shoot.  More info:

The Benelli table had a surprise for us: a 12 gauge over/under.  The 828U has several great features on it out of the box.  The biggest one is Benelli_OU_Gunsthat it has an adjustable drop and cast to easily custom fit the gun so that it can become perfectly balanced.  The gun is lightweight and features a new steel locking system and plate, easily removable trigger group receiver, and has their Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system.  Charles and I  shot the gun and were equally impressed.  For more information:


At the Beretta table, I found a camo covered semi-auto 12 gauge that I wanted to shoot.  It had a built in recoil reduction system and had an adjustable length of pull.  It is a great sign when shotgun manufacturers are putting these features into their guns and recognizing that their customers all have different lengths of pull and different builds.  Now you can get out to the range or field much sooner!  More info:  www.beretta.comCindy_Beretta_Duck_Gun

Last but not least, I had to shoot the XRail shotgun.  I holds 25 rounds and you can imagine how much weight that adds.  When they fire up the Crazy Quail target throwing system, you forget all about it because you are too busy trying to shoot all the clays coming out.  What a great time!  The only reminder today is how sore my right shoulder is.  I am way out of practice!  More Info:  and

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