Tracy and Lanny: New Home Range, New Classes, Always Improving Performance

Happy end of July!!

How are you? How is your summer going? I know it’s been a while, but Tracy and I wanted to update you on what we have been doing.


We have been incredibly busy this summer and we are gearing up for some big events this fall. After a long run of 3-gun matches almost every weekend this winter and spring, we took a step away from the competitions and started focusing more on training for 3-_DSC0680-XLgun. 3-gun matches are great for experience, but training really helps you make the big jumps in performance. We have been training and shooting almost daily to try and improve our skills in 3-gun and get to the place we want to be going into our big fall competitions. Currently we are both sitting in the top 10 in the 3-gun nation regional standings. Lanny is 4th and Tracy is 10th.



Getting the home range ready!
Getting the home range ready!

We now have 49 acres and have built a range that even the Miculek’s would be jealous of ;). Tracy and I realized that in order to reach our goals in 3-gun and become the top women and competitive amongst the men, we needed to have a facility that allowed us the same if not better training environment that our competitors have. We are confident that this will make the biggest difference in the long run and help us rise to the top.


Not only will we be able to walk out the door and shoot every day, we will be able to host courses for T.O.P. Shooting Institute here as well. We have one huge bay completed and a long distance range that goes out to 600 yards. We also have a shotgun range for sporting clays and have natural terrain 3 gun courses set up through out the property. Thanks to Salute targets we have just about every target we might see in competition at our range.


We have also been teaching a lot of courses lately. We have taught 3 different competitive shooting courses for T.O.P. as well as two 11150740_10206730922695467_2034441230147746669_nLaw Enforcement courses.  I also had the opportunity to be a junior instructor for Babes with Bullets as Kay Miculek’s and Lisa Munson’s assistant.  We have also been writing shooting/physical training plans for women all over the country to help them try and reach their competition goals.  We have a Ladies only 3-gun course here in Durango coming up this fall (Nov. 6-8th.). We would like to offer our sponsors  a free spot in the course (airfare not included) if you have any ladies interested. More information to come out soon for the course, but it will be fun: 3 days of shooting combined with a few of the best adventures Colorado has to offer.


Tracy and her husband just returned from a weekend long trip to the sight of the Rocky Mountain 3-gun World Championship where they helped set up the stages for the Championships and were able to get a good sneak peak into what the stages are going to be like in a few weeks. We also have our new competition shirts coming out soon after a little hiccup with the last company that tried to make them.


In August we will start up with a back to back schedule of courses and competitions. Below is our schedule for the next month-



1-2 T.O.P. Shooting Institute Biathlon Course in Seattle, WA

12-16th Rocky Mountain 3-gun World Championships Raton, NM

17-21st Babes with Bullets Diamond Event Birney, Montana (Celebrity Chef)

22-26th Babes with Bullets Pistol Course Birney Montana (Instructor)

27th-30th Noveski 3-gun Colorado


We will be on the road most of the fall with shooting competitions, teaching shooting courses, and hunting trips. We will also be in the upcoming Peterson’s Bowhunting Journal Magazine. So keep an eye out for that.


Thank you for all your support and we are looking forward to jumping back into the competitions and putting our training to the test. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Have a great rest of your summer.

-Lanny & Tracy





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