“Remember When…”

Remember when you finally realized that your big brother was a fun guy to hang out with?  That happened for me with my big brother, Bryon, when I hit about age 45.  Since my husband and I (along with our two daughters) came from Michigan to Tucson now 30 years ago it’s been a challenge to stay in touch with our Michigan family members.  My brother and I always enjoyed the outdoors together in terms of water skiing, sailing, etc. but Bryon was hunting buddies with our dad, big time into duck, pheasant, and whitetail deer hunting. It was kind of a “no girls encouraged” thing for many years as I was growing up and it wasn’t until I was in my 50’s that I even started hunting.   

Our dad passed away in 2004 and since that time Bryon has hunted alone for the most part; always pressed for time to do anything besides work and take care of his whitetail deer farm up in the thumb area of Michigan.  Then came Bryon’s BIG RETIREMENT party from Chrysler in December! What better way to reconnect with your brother, and to reconnect him with his good friend (my husband, Gary) then a Blast & Cast “party” at Bay Flats Lodge in the Barrier Islands of Texas.  This was the 4th time back for Gary and I to do their duck hunting in the morning and fishing in the afternoon program. Plus we were booked in for with our great guide, Cooper Hartman, who we had enjoyed working with in years past.

We invited Bryon as our guest to come with us this year in celebration of his new lease on life…aka… no more working 60 hours a week down in Detroit.  And even though the short video looks cold you can see we are all smiling because we had enough gear on to stay warm and more importantly we had the opportunity to reconnect with a member of our family who loves to duck hunt and fish. “Remember When” is about making memories and we made some great ones last week while at the beautiful Bay Flats Lodge ( )


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