Where or Where Did My Camelbak Go?


Some of you are already familiar with the name Camelbak, especially if you come from a military or tactical team background.  Camelbak ( )  is the originator and world leader in “hands-free” hydration systems and has a reputation for high quality water units pitted against hard use.    

I come to the Camelbak family of products through a Babes with Bullets alum, Michelle Bertocchi, who is a sales manager for 20151007_065903_resizedCamelbak. At SHOT Show 2015 Michelle invited me to their booth for a quick chat and to show me some of the new products.  They have every type of hydration system, from backpacks to water bottles, and in every color.  A few months later I took delivery of our new Babes with Bullets customized Camelbak water bottles. And here’s a 20151013_082108_resizedmiracle relating to 2015 ….drum roll…. I never lost my unit one time!  It traveled with me through dozens of airports this year, and a couple of them even had water bottle filling stations.  It went with me to my speaking programs where we enjoyed “deluxe” accommodations.


My faithful companion was constantly hooked to my gun bag with a carabiner clip while at the range and then into the truck as we head home.20151211_082852_resized

20150926_155227_resizedIt’s gone to over 10 Babes camps this year and also along for the ride when I taping with the Big Gun TV 20151005_121703_resizedseries now airing on Sportsman’s Channel on Monday evenings.  I’m looking forward to 2016, I think it’s going to be a great year for me and my “slightly used” Camelbak buddy.


By Deb Ferns, Babes with Bullets Camp Director and WOMA Sponsor…


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