Meet New Member Camille Bomboy

The WOMA welcomes Camille Bomboy, our latest scholarship recipient.  Camille Bomboy started deer hunting with her family as a young junior.  While in high school, on yet another family deer hunt, she was attacked by a black bear sow with three cubs.  She survived the bear attack, endured allegations from PETA, and was invited by Itcha Mountain Outfitters to join them on a complimentary bear hunt up in British Columbia.  This is her story of overcoming her fear to get back into the field with Sabrina Fraser of Itcha Mountain Outfitters as her guide… Deb Ferns, WOMA Board Member


  1. Camille – we are thrilled to have you and I personally look forward to your posts. Please let me know what questions you might have. It is young women like you that are the future of the outdoor industry!
    Cheers – Marsha

  2. Thank you Sabrina Fraser for inviting Camille on this hunt. She is a very sweet young lady who loves the outdoors. The event that happened to her was terrible and what PETA did was even worse. You gave her the opportunity to over come a fear and created an environment to heal. Hoorah to outdoor women empowering each other!

  3. Like her father who respects the game animals that they hunt Thank You for giving them such a wonderful time and experience .my hats of to all who made it possible;

  4. Thank you for producing and sharing Camille’s story. I personally know this young woman and it brought tears to my eyes. Way to go, Camille!

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