Rhonda Ezell Sued the City of Chicago Over Gun Rights–What’s She Doing Now? by Lenee Landis

Rhonda Ezell is a remarkable woman who successfully sued the City of Chicago over gun rights along with 2 other plaintiffs with the help of the 2nd Amendment Foundation. The main issue was the City required an hour of time spent at a range in order to be able to purchase a handgun yet allowed NO ranges to be built in the city.  This is an odious requirement for many who lack the resources for time and travel and who would like to protect themselves. It is particularly hard on women: many have not grown up around guns and often take on added family responsibilities which are time consuming. Yet women are in need of being able to protect themselves and others who depend on them, for no matter how popular it is to say that women and men are the same, they aren’t.

Women are not soft boys. In general, they do not have the same benefits of height and upper body strength.

In writing the segment 911, What is Your Emergency for Hot Brass magazine,  I search for compelling stories of people who have saved lives, their own and others’, because of the ability and knowledge of how to use a firearm.  There are many, though they are usually reported locally as it doesn’t fit the narrative of many national media outlets. In fact, Rhonda first went to learn how to use a firearm when gangs became a threat which resulted in the case mentioned above.

The City of Chicago’s murder rate has soared, currently at 358 homicides for 2016, well above last year’s rate at 490 (figures from Chicago Tribune.)

rhonda ezellNone of this has stopped Rhonda, who is fortunate to have mentors who have helped her along the way. She has learned to shoot a variety of firearms, the latest of which was an M1 Garand at 75 and 200 yards. Rhonda is now in the position of being a mentor to others.

She is working with the Second Amendment Foundation to get urban communities involved in exercising their constitutional rights.  I have no doubt that she will be successful. I appreciate her story, and for this reason she is on the cover of the Volume 25 issue of Hot Brass.

Her goal is to leave a legacy for her granddaughter, Marley Jordan Williams.

We know Marley’s proud of her.  Marley will have a head start in following in the footsteps of this woman who is serious about her rights and works hard to do her part in ensuring other people know and appreciate them as well.

To borrow a phrase, Rhonda Ezell is the NRA, and is also a member of the Illinois State Rifle Association.


  1. I gotta say I am not only blessed but honored to know her personally and be apart of her life as one of a small group of NRA certified firearm instructors to get a chance to not only go shooting but also attend town hall like meetings and go to lobby day at the state capital and she is a lot of fun to be with. And we are still in this fight for our rights and fight city hall for a gun store and range.

  2. This was a great read. .. very informative. Rock on Rhonda! She’s making girl power moves now and for the future. …

  3. Thanks Marlita! In the short time I have known Rhonda, it is her spirit I love. She definitely steps up straight forward to a challenge. To all who have commented, thank you—taking the time to encourage her is like putting fuel in the tank. She has and will affect a lot of people. Lenee

  4. I am honored to know Rhonda – she is an amazing woman of strength and commitment – a real role model for young girls, young women, and females of every race and conviction. Love you girlfriend.

  5. Proud to know Rhonda as a champion for her’s and others civil rights. Yes gun ownership is a civil rights issue that was to be resolved by the 14th Ammendment to the Constitution, which rules that All citizens shall enjoy All of the enumerated rights from the Bill of Rights. Not just for a privileged class, but ALL citizens !
    Thank you Rhonda, & proud to be your friend

  6. Rhonda is a truly wonderful person, and I am so fortunate to be able to work with her in increasing the involvement of members of urban communities.

    Her willingness to take the initiative without hesitation makes her a valuable ally and a real asset in this endeavor.

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