Kim Rhode to be Background Checked Every Time She Gets Ammo?? What?? by Lenee Landis

California born Kim Rhode with 6 Olympic Medals has jumped over every hurdle in her path as she pursues her dreams. The sport of Olympic shooting is not subjective–it is objective with a clearcut goal, and she has done it time after time after time.  So how could anything be new, going onward toward a seventh Olympics in Tokyo?

Glad you asked…the State of California, Governor Jerry Brown at the helm, signed 7 blanket gun laws in July in a political flurry referred to as Gunmageddon.  Let’s take a look at just one of them: a background check will be required every time you buy or receive ammunition.  What? You’ve already passed a background check for your firearm. Can you imagine taking your driver’s license test, and passing, and then doing it every time you put gas in your vehicle? I haven’t heard what the cost of this background check is, yet, but if you were going to gift ammo to someone and neither one of you is an approved ammo store, you won’t be able to do it unless you involve the ammo store. Competitive shooters know the cost of ammo, and how much it takes to practice…this will have a significant effect on Kim as well as all shooters going out for that event on the weekend.

Law abiding gun owners are not the source of your crime, Governor.  Most criminals don’t go down and purchase a $900 firearm, passing their background check, before committing their crime. Pretending you are doing something about crime by papering over the many good citizens who own firearms is unacceptable–pardon me, your gun agenda is showing.

Kim Rhode is one of many speaking out about these new laws, and the gun owners of California aren’t sitting still either.  There is an effort to gather signatures to get these on the ballot to let the people decide and the all volunteer effort can be seen at

If it happened in California, it won’t be long until similar efforts come your way. The main effect these laws have is a chilling effect on new shooters learning how to safely shoot and experienced shooters having the ability to use the tool known as the firearm.

We can all take a page out of Kim’s book–don’t be discouraged, work harder, and keep your eye on the ultimate goal. Never give up.

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