Rhonda Ezell With a Win For Us All – by Lenee Landis

This woman is my hero…Rhonda Ezell has persevered in a field that she adopted out of belief and an understanding of her rights.  It is important to her to be able to defend herself and her family.  Not only that, she enjoys shooting, training her granddaughter, and being a citizen of the greater firearms community.  Here’s what she was doing last July:

She knows that in the City of Chicago, a promise that someone else will be there to take care of her is at best misguided and at worst a delusion. This is a city where the murder rate has skyrocketed…though not as much as last year at the moment, more people have been shot. This past weekend alone 27 people were shot there.

For several years now, Rhonda has been a plaintiff in the case Ezell v City of Chicago.  The antics of that city when it comes to abridging 2nd Amendment rights are certainly not news and it was no surprise that the case wound up in the 7th Appellate Court. Let’s cut to the chase and let it be known she won again in January 2017.  From the majority opinion: The majority opinion reaches conclusions on three matters, the constitutionality of limiting firing ranges to manufacturing districts (the zoning regulation), the constitutionality of requiring firing ranges to be located more than a certain distance from other specific uses (the distancing regulation), and the constitutionality of a ban on minors at firing ranges. The majority finds all three to be unconstitutional.

So…I guess she can rest on her laurels, right?…um, no. That does not describe the Rhonda Ezell I know.

With her usual enthusiasm, she explained her next step. “I am working on a new project with a few of my pro- gun friends , we have created a new website “CHICAGO GUNS MATTER”,  that will be launched very soon. It is very Important that we educate the urban community in the city of Chicago about exercising their fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

“The goal that we aim to accomplish is to wake up the law abiding citizens in the city of Chicago and let them know that it’s legal for them to own a firearm as well as carry one.  We are putting faces to the cases so they are aware of the people who have fought, and are still fighting for their rights.”

Memorize Rhonda’s face–you will see it again…and again.

Marlee ‘s photo courtesy of Rhonda Ezell

Rhonda Ezell, photo courtesy of Oleg Volk


  1. I’m very proud to call Rhonda Ezell a loyal great friend but also my adopted sister and one of my alumni NRA basic pistol students. She needs our support as she continues to fight for our rights as American citizens.

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