What I Love About Instructor Annette Aysen-by Donna Miller

This is me, the one with the “boo boo face”. My name is Donna Miller and the dear sweet lady beside me is Annette Aysen. I met Annette at my first Babes with Bullets camp in Tucson Arizona a little over 8 years ago. Annette and I first met on the range during a ladies handgun camp I signed up for at the last minute, and it has truly changed my life. It all started with my now, ex boyfriend. I decided to plan a trip to SHOT show in 2010 as a surprise trip for my ex. While scanning the SHOT vendor list, I came across a vendor called “Babes with Bullets”, which peaked my interest. I googled them, and came across this amazing ladies handgun camp, taught by ladies. The instructors weren’t just ladies, they were world class shooters, and olympic medal holders! I was so intrigued, and certainly in luck when I discovered there was a camp within 2 weeks. I signed up, and arrived in Tucson with zero expectations, ready and willing to do something great for myself besides working 24/7.


The day I arrived to camp, the introductions were formal. I was new and didn’t know anyone. We were informed of our sleeping locations, and roommates and sent off for the evening. After a long day of travel for most ladies, we welcomed this opportunity. That evening it was nice getting to know the other women in my condo. However we all packed it in early because of the long day we knew was fast approaching. That next day is really when I remember Annette. As a “newbie”, and a first time hand gun shooter, I was blessed with Annette as my instructor. If she’s at a camp, she’s always the one with the Newbies. Boy was I thankful. There’s something magical about her that you just want to squeeze. I’m not sure if it’s her smiling cheeks or her southern accent, but I’ve been her biggest fan since that very first day. I keep telling her it’s been the sweet nothings she whispers into her students ears that makes them adore her. Her sweet nothings could consist of “Now Donna, I thought we talked about that trigger finger of yours. You know you need to watch that.”. It’s not what she say’s, it’s how she says them. For an instructor teaching beginners, she has it all.


When I first met my husband in 2011, he had this grandiose idea of taking me on a cross country road trip as I had never really seen the “west” before. I was estatic at the idea of an adventure, however, I explained my passion for Annette and that I’d love to head South (from New York) first and see Thibodaux and reconnect with Annette. He thought that was a great idea, which is one of the reasons I married him! This was the second time I met Annette, and this time I also met her second half, Elliott. We had a casual dinner together, alongside the Bayou, it was wonderful.


Throughout the years, I’ve been able to spend time with Annette at camps and trade shows. She has a special place in my heart. This particular photo was taken after I learned she couldn’t be an instructor at my upcoming camp at Trapper Peak Outfitters, May 5-7th because of a competition conflict. I was really hoping she’d be able to meet my “littles” and she could love on them. Have I mentioned she’s an amazing competitive revolver shooter? Annette and her wonderful husband Elliot shoot for Smith & Wesson. They realized long ago they were gifted the ability to shoot. There were times when they had to stop because they couldn’t afford it. The Lord looks down on those who pray, and I can assure you, the Aysens pray.

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