Glenn Helgeland Announces Hunter’s News Service

Reaching outdoor activity niches…

Hunter’s News Service to Begin

We (Target Communications Outdoor Books) are beginning a Hunter’s New Service, with the intended goal of providing timely, in-depth, short feature articles to you on topics that may not be your specialty but which a share of your readers may be looking for at certain times of the year.  We are outdoor niche oriented, and we have informational depth in those niches.

There will be NO product promotion; all articles will be strictly how-to.

Features that are seasonally timely will be sent as interest in the topic is beginning to rise.  Others will be of a timeless nature that will allow you to fill editorial slots as needed.

The articles will be developed from various chapters of various outdoor books we have published, written by authoritative, well-known experts in their specific fields…people you can trust to give you solid information.  People such as:

  • Larry Wise, national and international archery champion and national and international archery coach.  Titles: 1) Tuning Your Compound Bow, 2) Core Archery
  • Byron Ferguson, the archery trick shot artist and traditional archery specialist featured on several ‘amazing shots’ cable television programs.  Title:  Become the Arrow
  • Bill “BearCrazy” Wiesner, whose world revolves around black bears and black bear hunting.  Title: The Bear Hunting Obsession of a Driven Man
  • Denny Geurink, the first American guide/outfitter (20+ years) in Siberia for brown bears, moose, sheep and more.  Title:  In the Land of The Bear (Siberia)
  • Al Henderson, Olympic archery coach and master of the mental side of shooting an arrow accurately.  Title:  Understanding Winning Archery
  •  …and Judy’s and my wild game cookbook & game handling instructions.  Titles: 1) The Wild Pantry, 2) Tasty Jerky Recipes for Everyone

On these niche topics, we’ve got your back.

LOCAL SALES NOTE…The paragraph at the end of each article will first tell the reader/viewer to check with his/her local full line sporting goods store or archery specialty shop to buy the book.  We want to do all we can to help local businesses, and, of course, to get such businesses to stock our books.  Our website ( also will be included, with information on the specific book from which the article was taken, and other titles we have produced, plus ordering information.

The intent, of course, is to make this a win-win-win program – for you, for your readers/listeners/viewers, and for us.

Contact me if you have specific topical needs.  I’ll do what I can to fulfill them.

Sample article topics:

  • Siberia bear hunting – daughter calls mother on cell phone to say goodbye as brown attacks and kills her (from the new IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR)
  • Siberia bear hunting – Bear charges snowmobile (from the new IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR)
  • It’s all in the call (turkey hunting)
  • Bear “ground shrinkage” and how to avoid it
  • Ground blinds for black bear hunting, exciting and maybe eyeball to eyeball
  • Finding your TRUE draw length
  • Marinades and Marinating…flavor enhancers for wild game meats
  • How a solid bow arm nullifies other archery shooting form errors
  • Early summer whitetail scouting tips
  • Salsas to spice up any wild game meat
  • How to get three types of jerky from one cut of meat

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