Radio 103-Practice Tips for Your Interview or Cure the Nerves

Radio 103…

  • If you are nervous going into your first few radio interviews that to be expected, even after you’ve done a bit of homework. Set a timer on the number of minutes the show host estimated you will be on the air, which is usually referred to as “segments.” With the timer in place practice on a digital recorder acting as both the host asking a question, then switch over to answering a question keeping to short sound bites of information.
  • Play the tape recorder back and make sure you aren’t giving too much air time to the famous “um, huh, ah and okay” moments. If you see that happening then come up with a momentary “stall” technique for example “Jim, I’m glad you asked me about…” That beats a long pause and validates your host.
  • Too much dead air while you think about a question equates to you either not knowing your subject matter and/or you aren’t passionate about it. There are NO long pauses allowed on radio, works okay for television, not radio as within a few seconds of dead-air you will have lost your audience. If you sense the interview is languishing make sure to have a few talking points that include your website.  Believe it or not many radio hosts are not good interviewers and they want you to make their job easier, not harder.

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