Save the Date & Sign Up: October 10-13, 2017 for She Never Quit Event

WOMA members have first call on signing up for the She Never Quit Summit —   You can read about the last events (or just sign up and read about it later!)  This event has grown into a popular destination for fall–where else do you have the chance to have one on one time with world class women instructors, shoot a variety of guns, do yoga, go on a hayride, shoot some more, have Chef Jesus cook for you, and just walk around with a grin on your face the whole time?  And the best part is it benefits Navy SEAL widows.

If you haven’t been, we encourage you to come–it is different each time–happy surprises–and something you will remember always.
We could go on about all our fantastic sponsors—and we will, for they are loyal and generous–and tell you about the ever growing swag bag, but right now we want to put this out there, so you can make sure you have a spot.  We’ll open it up to everyone after NRA annual meetings, so don’t wait!!



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