Shame, Shame, Shame…by Deborah Ferns

By Deb Ferns, WOMA Board Member…


I’m dating myself here… who else remembers Gomer Pyle and his Marine Corp tv series where one of his catch phrases was “Shame, Shame, Shame…”  According to the Free Dictionary “Shame is a painful emotion caused by the belief that one is, or is perceived by others to be, inferior or unworthy of affection or respect because of one’s actions, thoughts, circumstances, or experiences.”  

I am trying to understand the difference between someone being “body shamed” versus someone being “belief shamed.”  In either case often a bullying technique has been used to create the shame. To take it one step further a bully is compared as a persecutor, browbeater, an oppressor, the list goes on. If you read any of the “shame” studies presented by mainstream media, most of which can be found on the internet if you scroll through Goliath (Google), there are health issues related to shaming.  Here’s a link to one study from the University of Pennsylvania, released in January 2017 indicating fat shaming is linked to greater health risks…

If I were to body shame someone (whether they be too thin, or too fat, or too tall or too short) I would be called out as a bully in the first degree. So why is the liberal left, encouraged and endorsed by Google Goliath, Yahoo, etc., allowed to shame me for my beliefs? Why are they allowed to be an oppressor, a bully without consequences? Why aren’t more people standing up against this type of persecution? For many years I’ve been determined to protect my Constitutional Rights; it’s a deep belief and set in my brain as the right way to go.  By voting for a president of the United States who believed in my 2nd Amendment Rights versus a candidate who considers me a “deplorable” I experience constant shaming techniques used by the liberal and mainstream media.  As Wikipedia noted in their description of shame “no action by the shamed being is required; simply existing is enough.” I’d like to think that I am doing more on this earth then simply existing and I’d prefer to do it without being shamed (or bullied) for my beliefs.  


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