10 Commandments for Hunting – Marsha Petrie Sue

Did you get that magic post on your credit card from the Game and Fish Department? That’s the way it works in Arizona and for each state, it may be a little different. If you’ve been drawn for anything or will be hunting, CONGRATULATIONS!.  Here are some simple reminders.



  1. Be properly licensed and know the boundaries of the area in which you have a permit to hunt.
  2. Be properly armed with a legal hunting firearm, knife or bow and know its capabilities.
  3. If you are using a rifle, make sure it is sighted in properly and shoot at least one box of shells at targets from 100 to 500 yards.
  4. Know what your legal species looks like: For example, an Antelope/Pronghorn buck has horns longer than its ears, and a black stripe under its ear.
  5. Know the vital parts, or the appropriate location of an exact shot to make to make it a clean, sportsmanlike bag.
  6. Be aware that you are a guest of Mother Nature and conduct yourself above the reproach of your own conscience.
  7. Close all gates through which you pass, unless they are laid open back against the fence.
  8. Respect the need of domestic stock and wildlife for water and set up your camps well back from waterholes.
  9. Pick up your trash including your spent shells (or whatever).
  10. Be a sportsman – remember you pass this way but once. 10. Be a sportsman – remember you pass this way but once. May your trail be one that others will follow but no one will see.


Share this with your hunting buddies and kids.  These reminders never hurt to be reviewed.  And Mother Nature says, “Thank You!”


Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

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She Never Quit

Arizona Antelope Foundation
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