Radio 105 & 106 – On Passion, Energy, and the Reality of Call-Ins

Radio 105…

  • A radio host might be able to get away with a toxic or inflammatory statement; you will not!  Passion and energy for your subject must be projected in a positive fashion.
  • Don’t knock the competition, just direct the question and your answer back to your product with a positive soundbite.
  • Homework never ends, make sure you do some on your radio host/hosts so you know what subjects make them toxic and what subjects keep the show positive.


Radio 106…

  • When you are being interviewed on radio there is a very STRONG possibility the host/hosts will want to include Q&A time from listeners.  Be prepared that the majority of the time the people calling into the radio show are not interested in your viewpoint rather wants to make sure you are hearing his/her viewpoint.
  • Through the internet 95% of all radio programs, even small local shows, can be streamed.  Listen to the same radio show you are doing an interview on for a few minutes a week in advance.  This allows you to get a sense for how the host/hosts either control (or don’t control) call-in’s.
  • My experience is that most radio host/hosts do not have a solid handle on breaking up the monologue from a caller. In this case you are on your own and should be prepared with what I refer to as “Radio IT.”

Look for Radio Tips 107-110 from Deb Ferns, coming up!

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