Takers and Givers – by Deb Ferns

One of the blessings I’ve had over the years is to surround myself with people who are more “givers” versus “takers.”  I’ll give you a couple of examples below of givers in my life…

·        My younger sister, Tami, has responsibility back in Michigan for our elderly mom and there’s nothing easy about working with dementia; hence we call Tami “the saint.” Tami has been a widow now for many years, works a demanding job, takes care of her kids and her granddaughter… all without complaint!  She volunteers through her church and is always the voice of reason in difficult situations.  I vote Tami “Giver.”

·        One of my best gal pals, Marsha Petrie Sue, is also the chair of the Women’s Outdoor Media Association ( which is a demanding role as our association grows.  Between Marsha’s full time job working with a variety of business clients as a “communications guru” she still fits in time each month to work on a variety of conservation efforts mule deer, antelope and big horn sheep.  I vote Marsha “Giver.”

Recently while hosting a Babes with Bullets camp up in Hamilton, Montana, I met another “giver.”  KJ Kahnle came to our camp, held at Whittecar Gun Range, as the scholarship recipient from the USPSA Club there (Bitterroot Blasters) and was a joy to have at the event!   She is a single mom and she took up shooting sports as a way to spend more time with her son.  He is currently deployed again but as soon as he’s home they are at the range together. By trade KJ is a graphic designer and in the last few years she has been developing a very interesting “gun powder” art form.  While in Montana she gave each of the Babes instructors a small piece of gun powder artwork; attached is mine which is titled Cosmic Static.  And how appropriate is that title since I’m known for my ability to have CFOC (the Cosmic Forces of Chaos), visit me at any moment.

Once KJ found out about the charity work that we do with the WOMA each fall for military widows in need (www.She Never she instantly volunteered one of her big art pieces for the Silent Auction.  Visit her website with gallery pictures; you’ll love it! . Then KJ went on to offer her services to come to the event held in Texas October 10th to 13th and do an on-site gunpowder art training class for the gals.  I vote KJ “Giver.”  Who are the women who are “givers” in your life?  Maybe bringing them to the She Never Quit event coming up would be a great way for them to meet other women of like mind.  It’ll be an experience she’ll never forget!

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