Rhonda Ezell Speaks up for 2nd Amendment Rights on Antonia Okafor’s Route 66 by Lenee Landis

Rhonda Ezell is interviewed by Antonia Okafor in this Route 66 episode 4-Guns produced on TRT World, the English speaking channel of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. Ms. Okafor heads to the southside of Chicago to examine the current situation in Chicago as well as the right to bear arms.  Rhonda can be seen at approximately 17:04, along with her granddaughter who has a smile that makes you realize there is plenty of hope for this country.


Antonia is the founder of EmPOWERed, a campus carry movement which works to give women the opportunity to protect themselves on campus and she has also spoken at the NRA Leadership Forum. She and Rhonda Ezell bring a much needed perspective to the discussion about firearms, gun control, and the need for women to have the ability to protect themselves and others.  As pointed out on, the new website to help Chicago people embrace their rights which Rhonda is part of: We are not here to incite violence, we are here to incite education. Rhonda continues to be tireless in that endeavor. –

Lenee Landis

photo courtesy of Oleg Volk





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