Hold the Door-An Inspiration for Every Day After 9/11 by Lenee Landis

Ronald Carl Fazio was remembered by his son Rob today at the 9/11 memorial. Ronald commuted to work in Manhattan for 30 years, working at the AON Corporation. He was on the 99th Floor of the South Tower at the World Trade Center when the first plane hit North Tower. Though loudspeakers in the building continued telling people to stay put, he escaped, he was out.  But he went back in when he found that not all people at work had gotten out. He felt now was the time for people to be with their families and began telling people to get out, holding the door for them, urging them to leave. He could have long been out of the building, but stayed behind choosing to help others, delaying his own descent outside. Rob’s mother would later put it in perspective for her children–if he had returned home without doing that, he would never have been the same and so they might have lost him in some other way. Rob also said that everyone is going to lose their loved ones but he happened to have a story: he lost his Dad doing an act of kindness that has elevated not just him, but people around the world.

Dr. Rob Fazio, with a huge engaging smile, gave a short and heartwarming mention at the memorial.  He told the granddaughter named Reese after Ron’s love of Reese’s peanut butter cups (though he wasn’t supposed to eat them) that if Ronald were here today, he would tell her “Hold the door for others every chance that you get. Love, strength, and peace to everyone near and far. 143.”

Dr. Rob previously has called Ground Zero “Ground Hero.” On the Hold the Door website, this is explained: After tracing Ron’s actions that September morning, we learned that he, much like thousands of other civilians, saved many lives while losing his own. He was seen by his colleagues and strangers literally Holding The Door For Others so they could return to their loved ones. We lost a father, many lost a best friend, but we all gained an inspiration to help others help themselves live with the challenging world of loss.

Neil Cavuto was interviewing Dr. Rob and asked how do you make this less horrific for your 18 month old, referring to Reese? He responded, “You hold doors.”

Hold the Door’s  mission is to heal by helping others, helping people thrive and not just survive tragedy.

You can read more about them here:

143 to all,

Lenee Landis

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