Mule Deer Foundation Fence Removal Project at Coconino is a Success

The Buck Springs fence removal project in the Coconino National Forest, was a big success and we appreciate all those who braved the weather. Just as we started dinner on Friday night, the rain started and continued non stop throughout the night. As daylight approached, the rain stopped and we were able to work all day until 5pm when it started to rain hard again. Everyone looked like drowned rats when they made it back to camp! MDF volunteers are Awesome! We put up 6 miles of old barbed wire fencing–
Good Job. 
Was great visiting with many of our Volunteers and meeting new ones. A few Boy Scouts from the Valley joined in to help, we enjoyed having them. Scout Leader Bob and a few parents were also on hand to help the boys and attend to camp. Great Project with Great Volunteers!!
On another note, MDF will now require all Volunteers to sign a Liability Waiver at every project. This requirement has been a long time in coming, but is a necessary evil in todays world. Many of the agencies and other Non Profit groups like MDF, require liability releases. It makes good business sense for the Foundation and only takes a few minutes to fill out prior to starting the work day.
A special “Thank You” to Roger Joos of the USFS Coconino N.F. for their partnership and planning of this project, Troy Christensen and Steve Cassady of AZGFD for their hard work and leadership. MDF appreciates our working relationship and conservation goals with both these agencies. Well Done!!
– Jim Lawrence
MDF Board

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