One and Done: How to simplify mule deer hunting – By Marsha Petrie Sue

Having never hunted mule deer, I wanted to make sure all bases were covered prior to the harvest.  Our freezer is nearly empty and we try to ingest only organic hoof to table food, which makes hunting important for the Sue family. The job was cut out for me. My motto for this exciting time was One and Done!

  1. Accept one invitation to hunt Mule Deer
    1. Thankfully, WOMA Board member and three-time biathlete Olympian, Lanny Barnes and husband, Grant Siggins, invited my husband and me to hunt in Durango, Colorado at their beautiful 90 acre, 10 Ring ranch.
    2. Make one call to your host to validate the kind of hunting tag you want. And do you need to wear hunter orange?
    3. Plan one list of what to pack.


  1. Take one kill shot
    1. Sight in your rifle before you leave on the hunt. We did this at Ben Avery Shooting area in Phoenix and by the Hassayampa Rod and Gun club.
    2. Practice with the rifle that will go on the hunt, and from different positions: bi or tri pod, prone, sitting, chair, tree, etc.
    3. Get to your position at the appropriate time (not too early-too much human scent and not too late-alert the deer herd) and don’t diddle. Deer are distracted by movement and sound.
    4. Use a spotting scope or good binoculars-a great riflescope will help too! I used a Leupold 3 – 9 x 40mm.


  1. Pack one duffle full of needed camo
    1. Shooting sticks, sitting cushion/chair, backpack, and spotting scope
    2. Face mask and warm head cover
    3. Hand, body and toe warmers
    4. Rifle and ammo (yes, the correct ammo for your rifle- people do forget this important ingredient.)
    5. Game bag and skinning knife
    6. WARM camo, long underwear, turtle for your neck, weatherproof jacket, comfortable boots and socks,


  1. Have one plan on the mount you want, if any.
    1. Full head mount? Know how to skin your harvest prior to the hunt
    2. European mount? Easier if decided ahead of time
    3. Table, floor or wall mount?


  1. Decide on the one butcher you will use
    1. Of course, not a decision if the butcher is you!
    2. Know the serving size you want and the cuts you want.
    3. Most importantly, keep your meat cool.


And here is the one list of my Mule Deer hunt:

  • Day one of Colorado 3rd rifle season opening
  • Hour one of opening day
  • One kill shot with my .270 Winchester WSM, a Leupold 3-9 x 40mm scope, and a 150 grain Winchester bullet
  • One amazing guide to thank – Lanny Barnes (aka Ninja hunter, great friend)
  • One wonderful husband who is always my cheerleader – Al Sue
  • One of God’s creatures that will allow healthy eating
  • One of the very best hunting experiences I have had!

Bottom line? One and Done!


Marsha Petrie Sue

Chair Women’s Outdoor Media Association
Co-Chair She Never Quit – supporting Navy SEAL’s widows in need
Mule Deer Foundation volunteer and recipients of the Margie Herndon Conservation Award
Antelope Foundation volunteer
Desert Big Horn Sheep Foundation volunteer
National Shooting Sports Foundation member
Babes with Bullets alumni





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