My First She Never Quit Event – by Patti Norton

A little about me: my name is Patti Norton, I began shooting in 2011, not as a competitive shooter but as a way to spend time with my husband. He loves to shoot all types of guns, as for me I tend to lean more to the pistols. I began shooting more when he became involved in the GSSF matches with friends who already shot them.  Traveling to the matches  on the east coast, we began to shoot as well as volunteer as range officers. I then began to pursue a job with GLOCK as a Range Master/Match Coordinator.  I was hired on in 2014 and have enjoyed all that it has brought to me.

The Women’s Outdoor Media Association is awesome. I am thankful that I am a part of this group of women who see the importance of ladies involvement in the shooting industry.  I look forward to being a part of the events and giving back to other women who might just be beginning as I did back in 2011.  My experience at She Never Quit 2017 was one I will always remember. I was able to not only meet some of the best women around, I was able to shoot with them and learn from them.

There were areas where I was able to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. Shooting the Krieghoff shotguns with Elizabeth Lanier was such an eye opener. Then there was the Texas Star, this was my first time shooting one and  I was Five for Five, with the great coaching of Tracy Barnes.

When it comes to enjoyment there is nothing better than a social event with a room full of women. There were stories shared by several but there was one  that Julie Werhnyak shared that just made you stop and think. I feel this event would be great for any woman no matter their level of experience in shooting and hunting. What you come away with is such a life changer. I am looking forward to She Never Quit 2018!


  1. Woohooo!! Good job!

    We can’t imagine the WOMA without you now, Patti–you bring good humor and a great attitude! Here’s to many more experiences–cheers! Lenee

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