How is The WOMA different from other outdoor communicators’ groups?

The WOMA is comprised of women (and men) who have attained professional status in competitive shooting sports, or hunting and fishing competitions, outdoor journalism, marketing and public relations fields and outdoor organizations. It is also for those people in traditional and nontraditional (i.e., Internet-based) media fields, or who run outdoor-related businesses, but who would not have the credentials to join a professional organization. It is meant not only to support professionals, but also to mentor future professionals and support those working at grassroots levels.  The WOMA is also a 501 (c)(7) non-profit organization.

What are the benefits of joining The WOMA?

  • Upon approval of your membership application, we will post a link on The WOMA homepage either to your web site or to an organization or business that you want to feature. That alone is worth the cost of the annual dues!
  • As The WOMA grows, it will foster support and networking for its members and grant media viability that will be respected in the outdoor industry.
  • The members-only section of The WOMA web site is projected to expand in the future to offer educational, employment and networking opportunities to WOMA members. We are constantly listening to feedback from our members for features they would like to see on the web site, so please let us know if you have ideas!
  • The WOMA Media Members are recognized by NSSF for trade shows such as the Shot Show and by the NRA with media credentials.

What if I change jobs? Will I lose my membership benefits?

The WOMA was designed with you, the individual, in mind. If you work at one company and change jobs to begin work elsewhere, your membership goes with you. It’s your membership, no matter where you work, as long as the company or organization is still affiliated with the outdoor world.

Will The WOMA ever have corporate fellowships?

Yes, we have a corporate fellowship that allows 5 memberships for the cost of $250.00.

Will The WOMA ever hold conferences or conventions?

Maybe . . . but for now, we will hold our own workshops and member getaways at other venues, such as NSSF, NRA, ICAST, SHOT Show, etc. The WOMA’s network of industry professionals and workers will enable us to add a day before or after a conference in order to hold our own seminars or workshops . . . but that is in the future.

We have a yearly charity event that supports the widows of Navy Seals.  “She Never Quit” is held at the home of Melanie and Marcus Luttrell.

How do I join The WOMA?

You can join online by visiting the “Join Us” page on this website. There is a Paypal Buy Now button for each term of membership that The WOMA currently offers: Ambassador(see membership criteria), one year and two years. Choose the term that works best for you and click the button to pay the appropriate membership dues via Paypal Payments. NOTE: You do NOT have to have a Paypal account to use Paypal payments. You will have the option on the initial purchase page to either login to your Paypal account or pay for your membership with your credit card. Once you have completed your online payment, you will be sent to a confirmation email.

How do I keep up with what’s going on with The WOMA?

Become a subscriber! The WOMA offers public subscriptions to the web site that will keep you updated on breaking news and WOMA activities whenever we add something new to the web site. We offer two different types of subscriptions. You can subscribe via e-mail by typing your e-mail address in the E-NEWS & UPDATES section at the top, right of any web site page. Whenever we update the web site, you’ll receive a summary of the updates, with links to the full stories, right in your e-mail inbox! You can also subscribe to the news and/or comments feeds to get an update in your news reader whenever we post something new or someone leaves a comment on one of our posted entries. Just click NEWS FEED or COMMENTS at the very top right of the web site. As a member, you will also have access to protected content that is available only to members.

What’s a News Feed?

A news feed (or RSS feed) is a data format used to provide updated site content to users who subscribe to receive it. We provide links on our site for users to subscribe to new content from writers and people who comment. You can subscribe to one or both. By subscribing to our news feed, you do not have to check the web site constantly for new content. It’s like having a magazine subscription, as opposed to having to go to the store and pick up the latest copy. We deliver to you!

What’s a News Reader?

A news reader (or aggregator) is a software program or web application that receives and displays content from all your news feed subscriptions in one place. When you subscribe, you will be given the opportunity to choose which news reader you’d like to use to display updates.

What do I do if I have problems subscribing or joining online?

Contact Cindy Noyes for help. You can e-mail Cindy at