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Julie Werhnyak on How Her Plan Saved Her After a Brutal Attack – Part 2

PART II: On March 3, 2015, a 911 call suddenly became a life and death encounter when a Domestic Violence suspect ambushed me in the dark and stabbed me in the neck with a large hunting knife! The 26 year old suspect was shot and killed and other responding units rescued his[…]

Every Now and Then – by Deb Ferns

Every now and then life will send you on a unique journey; something you look back at and say “that was a life experience!”  Earlier this summer I was asked by Mike Smith of the Staurolite Foundation ( to help out with their first wounded vet ladies elk hunt to take place[…]

A Snapshot of SNQ, with Mace – by Lenee Landis

This was a magical experience that I believe will bring She Never Quit into an ongoing effort for the WOMA, beyond the genesis of the once a year event. It is a cousin of the military ethos to “leave no man behind”. As Deb Ferns, founder of the WOMA stated “Our goal[…]

One and Done: How to simplify mule deer hunting – By Marsha Petrie Sue

Having never hunted mule deer, I wanted to make sure all bases were covered prior to the harvest.  Our freezer is nearly empty and we try to ingest only organic hoof to table food, which makes hunting important for the Sue family. The job was cut out for me. My motto for[…]