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My First Hunt – by Kath O’Neil

We had already been hiking a couple of hours in the hot sun thru dense clusters of thorny shrubs and tall grass when Kudu, our guide, spotted a small heard of blue wildebeest.  Gesturing to Deb Ferns (WOMA Founder and Board Member) and I to follow him, he whispered, “Wildebeest big animal. […]

Mule Deer Foundation Fence Removal Project at Coconino is a Success

The Buck Springs fence removal project in the Coconino National Forest, was a big success and we appreciate all those who braved the weather. Just as we started dinner on Friday night, the rain started and continued non stop throughout the night. As daylight approached, the rain stopped and we were able[…]

Hold the Door-An Inspiration for Every Day After 9/11 by Lenee Landis

Ronald Carl Fazio was remembered by his son Rob today at the 9/11 memorial. Ronald commuted to work in Manhattan for 30 years, working at the AON Corporation. He was on the 99th Floor of the South Tower at the World Trade Center when the first plane hit North Tower. Though loudspeakers[…]