What’s wrong with this picture?

Many are interested in expanding their women’s market share. This is wonderful and much needed. Most already know you can’t just paint it pink. Some, however, don’t always get it right. Having attended many Babes with Bullets camps—women’s pistol training—I’ve learned the importance of grip. My advice to those who photograph women[…]

Shotgun Extravaganza at Industry Day 2015

Industry Day at the Range is always the highlight of Shot Show for me. This year was no different. One of my favorite parts is going to check out what’s new in the world of shotguns. This year did not disappoint.

Industry Day at the Range 2015

The WOMA Board had a great day at Industry Day 2015. Unlike previous years, the weather was awesome! It was actually warm enough to leave the coat at home! This year we saw some interesting products….