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Christmas SALE UP TO 50% OFF at Gun.Rodeo

Ladies, whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for that special man in your life or looking for a little something for yourself, you’ll find a variety of deals on Gun.Rodeo. Find deals on concealed holsters, free shipping on bulk ammo, and markdowns on clothing. At checkout enter pro-mo code TWELVESIXCO10 to take[…]

Where or Where Did My Camelbak Go?

  Some of you are already familiar with the name Camelbak, especially if you come from a military or tactical team background.  Camelbak ( )  is the originator and world leader in “hands-free” hydration systems and has a reputation for high quality water units pitted against hard use.     I come to[…]

Carry with Confidence! Eva Subido on CrossBreed Holsters Purse Defender

CrossBreed® Holsters Purse Defender is functional and practical for a daily purse, briefcase, backpack or alternate carry bag. The Purse Defender is part of the CrossBreed Holsters Modular Series and therefore makes it one of the most versatile holster systems on the market. The Purse Defender is comprised of two pieces: an[…]

AR-15 Conversion of .223 to .22 caliber

To save a bunch of money, and get more trigger time which I think is always a good thing, consider installing one of the .22LR conversions in your AR-15. I have a CMMG .22 LR conversion ( in my 16” AR-15 upper and love it! The biggest challenge with a .22 conversion[…]

UPLULA = More Time for You to Shoot

Pistol shooting is fun, thumbing hundreds of rounds into magazines during a range session is anything but! The name sounds weird but the UPLULA will save your thumbs which makes shooting even more enjoyable.   It’s made of one of today’s magic plastics, reinforced polymer.  It slides over the top of the[…]