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Hold the Door-An Inspiration for Every Day After 9/11 by Lenee Landis

Ronald Carl Fazio was remembered by his son Rob today at the 9/11 memorial. Ronald commuted to work in Manhattan for 30 years, working at the AON Corporation. He was on the 99th Floor of the South Tower at the World Trade Center when the first plane hit North Tower. Though loudspeakers[…]

Shame, Shame, Shame…by Deborah Ferns

By Deb Ferns, WOMA Board Member…   I’m dating myself here… who else remembers Gomer Pyle and his Marine Corp tv series where one of his catch phrases was “Shame, Shame, Shame…”  According to the Free Dictionary “Shame is a painful emotion caused by the belief that one is, or is perceived[…]

Babes with Bullets versus the Google Goliath by Lenee Landis

The very last word I would think of to describe Deb Ferns is dangerous, yet apparently Google begs to differ. Deb Ferns is many things: an entrepreneur, a competitor, a straight up woman. She has the energy of two 3 year olds as well as moxie, defined in the Urban Dictionary as[…]