On the Road

Comedy of Errors by Deb Ferns

So during our recent duck hunt down off the coast of Texas we (my daughter Raya on her knees and me in camo next to her) tried to help set out decoys.  I quickly learned that the soft muddy bottom of the lake was NOT user friendly for walking.  So there I[…]

The Volunteer Experience: Ten Keys to Keep Them Coming back!

Many of us work as volunteers and continually encourage others to do the same. New faces show up to your event, but then you never hear from them again. Shame. So what needs to change for people to continue to want to give their precious time to your cause? Here are some[…]

Don’t forget to register! NRA Women’s Leadership Luncheon

  Imagine waking up to the majesty of the mountains outside your window…fishing for trout right from your deck…enjoying world-class golf nestled in the base of the Grand Tetons. If you’re the winning bidder, you’ll soon be packing your bags for a week in one of the country’s most beautiful vacation spots.[…]

Bucket List: Fishing in Costa Rica

One of the many entries on my bucket to list was to catch a Billfish.  So I can now say that dream has been fulfilled.  With Anne Draper, WOMA member, Karen Young, my husbands daughter and with our spouses by our side, we traveled to beautiful Costa Rica.  NRA friend, Tom Held,[…]

Tweezers, Trucks and Trousers: The Big Three T’s

Know that when you have the fabulous opportunity to visit South Africa and to hunt  you should take tweezers, the first of the Big Three T’s. And the tweezers are for more than your eyebrows! My first two animals, a Hartmann Zebra and a Red Hartebeest were bagged by crawling though the[…]