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Happy Birthday America! And Many More! by Lenee Landis

240 years ago today, the wording of the Declaration of Independence was approved (it wouldn’t be signed till August). If you can imagine, they had been working on edits and changes for 2 DAYS after declaring independence on July 2.  It was actually June 1776 when Thomas Jefferson wrote a first draft of[…]

The Real War on Women by Lenee Landis

Packing up for Louisville for the NRA meetings starting Friday,  I am thankful we live in a country where this is even an option.  There are countries now who have made it impossible to defend yourself, though criminals still ply their trade; the NRA is determined that will not happen here.  In[…]

Lessons from a Writer-From Creativity to Dedication by Lenee Landis

There is an article in the Harvard Business Review, by Alison Beard, about the writer Isabel Allende. Reading it is akin to going to a North Carolina shore and discovering sand dollars and starfish in tidal eddys, a strong currency in the world of storm battered pieces of shells and flotsam.  I[…]

Stepping Up: Be Brave and Take Risk by Marsha Petrie Sue

My husband Al and I are devoted volunteers to the animal habitat in Arizona. For the second year, I stepped up and was the coordinator, or as the group termed it – chairperson, for the Annual Benefit for the Three Chapter Mule Deer Foundation Benefit and Fund Raiser.  Last year, we tried[…]

Felony “Gun Control” PSA

There is a “public service announcement” on guns that could get people killed , maimed, arrested, or any combination thereof. Here it is: Director Rejina Sincic of San Francisco made a “Stop Gun Violence” PSA video showing a young man stealing a parent’s handgun, putting it into a backpack and taking[…]