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The booth babe problem

Why do industry people expect eye candy ladies to be able to recite chapter and verse the virtues of a gun, list the specifications and talk knowledgeably about the reasons that gun should be in tradeshow attendees’ hands — all while wearing a bikini top, Daisy Duke shorts and stilettos? See Barbara Baird’s editorial at Guns & Patriots that focuses on Field and Stream’s annual “booth babes” video from the SHOT Show.

Baiting the Press

Even if you are not hunting in front of a television camera, remember that you are being watched, observed, and judged. We are liable for our actions, both to the ecosystem members upon which we intrude, but also to our fellow hunters who are affected even peripherally by our actions. In this kick-off to the members’ only Op-Ed section, Traci Schauf leads the charge that ethics matter when in the eye of the public.