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Bay Flats Lodge Adds Additional Services by Deb Ferns

I’ve had the opportunity over the last few years to enjoy the services at Bay Flats Lodge and to say it was an exceptional memory each time is an understatement!  Chris & Deb Martin run this fishing and duck hunting lodge with a level of customer service that I usually only encounter[…]

Comedy of Errors by Deb Ferns

So during our recent duck hunt down off the coast of Texas we (my daughter Raya on her knees and me in camo next to her) tried to help set out decoys.  I quickly learned that the soft muddy bottom of the lake was NOT user friendly for walking.  So there I[…]

A Lack of Honor…by Deb Ferns

Just to refresh my memory I checked out the description of the word honor, “it means to fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).”  There are many other definitions relating to honor and NONE of them pertain to what Jay Leno just did recently.  For those of you who might not be[…]

Easy Wild Eats: Tostadas

Thanks to Bear Mountain Ranch and Anne Draper, WOMA Member, for providing this recipe on their web site.  Any ground game will work and don’t forget about using the birds you have in your freezer! Tostadas, are a great way to use up extra tortillas, ground bison (or any game), and many[…]

Great Article on the Buying Power of IDPA

Deb Ferns, Women Outdoor Media Association Founder and Board Member, passed along this NSSF Bullet Point article as it related to IDPA, International Defensive Pistol Association.  As Deb noted IDPA is heavily populated by female shooters, both at the novice and pro level. In fact it was the way she got started[…]