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Why aren’t you blogging your head off?

Did you hear that Pepsi is not going to run an ad in the Super Bowl this year? Can you believe it? In fact, the company states it would be more cost effective to concentrate on social media. Welcome to the future. No, welcome to right now. How about you? Are you[…]

The principal principle

In a new Editorial Exegesis, Bill Bowers explains “principal” and “principle,” two commonly misused homonyms. Plus he offers more editorial bloopers with which to test yourself and tap your inner editor.

NWTF has three jobs that need filling

The National Wild Turkey Federation has posted three jobs on its website that might be of interest to The WOMA members. See Membership Marketing Manager The National Wild Turkey Federation is looking for an experienced Membership Marketing Manager that will have responsibility for membership promotion and recruitment, membership retention programs, and[…]