“Remember When…”

Remember when you finally realized that your big brother was a fun guy to hang out with? That happened for me with my big brother, Bryon, when I hit about age 45. Since my husband and I (along with our two daughters) came from Michigan to Tucson now 30 years ago it’s been a challenge to stay in touch with our Michigan family members.

Better Fishing Through Improved Listening?

I’ve never met a fishing pole I didn’t like. So, yet again, Al and I had the opportunity to fish together in the Gulf of Mexico, off Marco Island.  Our good friend, Sandy Allen, fished with us, and yes, I did catch the biggest fish. Sandy came in second. ‘The girls’ listened[…]

June Fish Babe of the Month – Marsha Petrie Sue

In addition to being our WOMA president, Marsha is quite the fisherman, uh woman, well you know what we mean! Marsha’s love for fishing began as a young girl. Whether salt or fresh water, give her a pole and she is good to go! Alpine, Arizona is her summer get away with her[…]

Online boating safety course now available on any device at

Those seeking a boating license can get certified by taking an online boater safety course on any device at the newly revamped “With half of all adults in the U.S. now owning a smartphone, and tablets and e-readers gaining in popularity, it makes sense for to be mobile ready,” said[…]

3rd Annual Ducks Unlimited Women’s Media Camp

For every hunter out there, nothing can relate to the excitement and the memories made during that first hunt. For Kristen Monroe, her first duck hunt was certainly no exception to this well known fact. Plus to make this hunt even more unforgettable, she got to share it with some of the guys from Ducks Unlimited.