One and Done: How to simplify mule deer hunting – By Marsha Petrie Sue

Having never hunted mule deer, I wanted to make sure all bases were covered prior to the harvest.  Our freezer is nearly empty and we try to ingest only organic hoof to table food, which makes hunting important for the Sue family. The job was cut out for me. My motto for[…]

My First Hunt – by Kath O’Neil

We had already been hiking a couple of hours in the hot sun thru dense clusters of thorny shrubs and tall grass when Kudu, our guide, spotted a small heard of blue wildebeest.  Gesturing to Deb Ferns (WOMA Founder and Board Member) and I to follow him, he whispered, “Wildebeest big animal. […]

Meet New Member Camille Bomboy

The WOMA welcomes Camille Bomboy, our latest scholarship recipient, who was attacked by a sow with cubs while she was deer hunting. Camille continues to hunt and fish with her family in addition to attending college.

“Remember When…”

Remember when you finally realized that your big brother was a fun guy to hang out with? That happened for me with my big brother, Bryon, when I hit about age 45. Since my husband and I (along with our two daughters) came from Michigan to Tucson now 30 years ago it’s been a challenge to stay in touch with our Michigan family members.