The Search for Moose

For a huge animal they move so silently from the forest, near Nazco BC, into the nearby pond.  Stewart Fraser, with Itcha Mountain Outfitters (, led us on an equally silent long walk from our vehicle to a drainage area, complete with willows, a moose favorite food. We saw several young small[…]

Doing the Right Thing…Whitetail Deer Hunt By Deb Ferns

The whitetail deer hunt that I went on earlier in November with Bill & Susie Brewster from Marietta, OK, was a new adventure for me. When this opportunity was offered back in September to WOMA members I jumped on it as it was a screaming good deal on a guided hunt and[…]

Great Deer Hunt: Time to Fill Your Freezer

This is a fabulous opportunity to Deer Hunt on a beautiful ranch in Oklahoma! You are invited to hunt for a Classic 8 Point Whitetail Buck and two Whitetail Doe Hunt.  The hunt will be for four huntresses per weekend. The Brewster’s will book several weekends during this hunting season to harvest these Classic[…]

Betsy’s First Hunt at Bear Mountain Ranch-Part 2

We wound our way through the darkness, and parked just shy of a gate in a fenceline.  John whispered, “There is a blind just up this hill to our left that will put you in a really nice spot.  Behind you is Rabbit Ears pass.  I’d expect we’ll see elk coming through[…]