Media Members

Susan Shea-Gerson – WOMA Member

Susan Shea-Gerson is equal parts writer, reader, shooter and budding archery enthusiast. She is presently working on her first book related to the firearms industry and has recently become involved with the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum after attending the Women’s Wilderness Escape at the beautiful Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. While[…]

Jennie Alice Lillard – WOMA Ambassador Member

Jennie Alice Lillard is a student of The North American School of Outdoor Writing. She was born and raised on the Mendocino coast of northern California, and graduated from Dominican University of California with a degree in writing.

Kelsey Williams – WOMA Member

Kelsey is an avid trap shooter and enjoys upland hunting. While at the University of South Carolina, Kelsey was the Fundraising Chairwoman for Zeta Tau Alpha events which included managing of the annual Crown Classic Golf Tournament and Think Pink Week in which she was responsible for raising a record amount of contributions totaling $150,000 over two years

Donna Tonelli – WOMA Member

We own a small pheasant hunting lodge in South Dakota and hunt waterfowl in Illinois, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Saskatchwen. Another facet of our life is collecting artifacts related to waterfowling and fishing.

Donna Hornsby – WOMA Member

Sailor. Horsewoman. Firearm Fashionista. Social Media Disciple. Renaissance Woman. The outdoors started calling Donna’s name at an early age when her parents perched her atop a friend’s horse.