Our Members

Donna Tonelli – WOMA Member

We own a small pheasant hunting lodge in South Dakota and hunt waterfowl in Illinois, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Saskatchwen. Another facet of our life is collecting artifacts related to waterfowling and fishing.

Donna Hornsby – WOMA Member

Sailor. Horsewoman. Firearm Fashionista. Social Media Disciple. Renaissance Woman. The outdoors started calling Donna’s name at an early age when her parents perched her atop a friend’s horse.

Manos Phoundoulakis – WOMA Member

Hot Caliber founder, Manos Phoundoulakis, is having a blast making jewelry…literally. Forged of flattened bullets, his finely crafted jewelry, which range from pendants to key chains and cuff links, incorporate metals hand-shot out of a magnum handgun. As discussed on his website,, the flattened bullet is an anomaly, as most bullets[…]

Tracy Hughes – WOMA Member

Tracy Lynn Hughes was raised around a hunting family and like most little girls, shot her first pistol with her dad at the age of ten. The spark turned into a flame about five years ago when she took classes from a female instructor and learned proper shooting fundamentals.

Tammy Sapp – WOMA Member

Tammy Sapp has worked as an outdoor writer, photographer and public relations professional throughout her 25-year career.