The Road After Russia

Road to Russia: 1st Weekend of Olympic Biathlon

            The first weekend of the Olympic Biathlon season brought twin biathletes Lanny & Tracy Barnes quite a lot of success. Lanny was racing in the alpine town of Idre, Sweden while Tracy was at the 1988 Calgary Olympic Biathlon Venue in Canmore, Canada. Both Lanny and Tracy had two sprint races[…]

On the Road to Russia!

        It’s Winter! Well at least in certain parts of the world. Tracy and Lanny are getting ready to start their first races of the season and wanted to send you and update on how things were going. The last couple of weeks the twins competed in the last[…]

Start of the Olympic Racing Season!

The Olympic racing season has started! Yep, I know, it’s seems a bit early seeing as though the Olympics aren’t until February. But the qualifications started last week in Jericho, Vermont. Close to 150 athletes from the U.S., Canada, Sweden, and Lithuania showed up for the event. The weekend consisted of 2[…]

In Alaska, Moose have the right of way…

In Alaska Moose have the right of way….Tracy & I boarded our second flight in Denver, Colorado that would take us to Anchorage, Alaska and yet another adventure in the world of the Twin Biathletes. After our first flight and a flight attendant that threatened every passenger that stepped foot on the[…]

New Season, New Attitude, New Legs, Winning Mood

Hi!! How are you doing? How is your summer going? Tracy and I wanted to send you a little update with some pictures and let you know how our pre-Olympic training has been going and how our legs are doing since the surgery this winter. This time of year there aren’t a lot of[…]